Spiritual but not Religious

“Spiritual but not religious, she said.” I was a little confused. But as I listened I began to understand what she meant. She craved answers, contentment and happiness and spirituality provided something but religion was on the nose. She’s not alone. Many Australians think of themselves as spiritual but not religious.

I think we see spiritual but not religious in action when our test cricketers look to the heavens acknowledging their little mate. They imagine he’s there. They are spiritual about it. But it’s disconnected from any formal religion. This new kind of spirituality is how many people are processing life and death. The church is thought boring and cold, even narrow. You might think a minister would find this deflating. But it’s not. I find it fascinating because people still believe.

The scientific age has not cancelled belief. People still believe there is something on the other side, something or someone bigger than us. So if you count yourself in the spiritual but not religious group, reflect for a moment. What do you believe about heaven? It’s a fair question. What do you believe about heaven? And why have you come to your belief?

Last year the Oxford Dictionary’s new word of the year was an adjective – post-truth. The idea is simple enough. You go beyond the bare facts, the truth, and make your decisions based upon your emotion and feelings about things. Now that can sound empowering but really it’s hollow.

For example; you can sincerely believe, with all your heart that I’m going to gift you $1000. But unless I have promised it, no amount of sincerity (post truth conviction) actually creates the gift. It’s a hollow belief. On the other hand, if I have promised $1000 as a gift, and I can keep my promise, then your sincere belief (weak or strong) is well placed. You’d have every reason for confidence.

Heaven! Where did you get that idea? And why do you believe what you do about it? If you want to know what Jesus taught about life after death and why the Christian faith is never hollow; why not join us for Christianity Explored.


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