Spiritual but not Religious

“Spiritual but not religious, she said.” I was a little confused. But as I listened I began to understand what she meant. She craved answers, contentment and happiness and spirituality provided something but religion was on the nose. She’s not alone. Many Australians think of themselves as spiritual but not religious. I think we seeContinue reading “Spiritual but not Religious”

Church Membership

Being a member of our congregation means believing, belonging and being – believing in Jesus and His gospel, belonging to His people and being His people by living lives of love and doing good.  Now it is true that you don’t have to be a Church member to follow Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.Continue reading “Church Membership”

Resurrection Hope or Hoax

The television show Resurrection is fascinating many people. In it, dead people appear out of the blue. The show is strangely captivating. Strange because the experience is so unfamiliar, captivating because deep down people recognise something hopeful in the idea of rising from the dead. Perhaps you have been watching and thinking ‘what if thisContinue reading “Resurrection Hope or Hoax”