Resurrection Hope or Hoax

The television show Resurrection is fascinating many people. In it, dead people appear out of the blue. The show is strangely captivating. Strange because the experience is so unfamiliar, captivating because deep down people recognise something hopeful in the idea of rising from the dead. Perhaps you have been watching and thinking ‘what if this happened?’ Easter Sunday, with the account of Jesus being raised, is equally strange and captivating. Is it real history giving hope or a hoax for the gullible?

There are many hoax theories. Some suggest Jesus never really died or that scheming disciples hid Jesus’ body. Others suggest that the heartbroken disciples only felt Jesus was with them ‘in spirit’ and only later made-up that Jesus was risen from the dead (Luke 24:36-43).

No one actually watched Jesus rise. But it is the logical conclusion to the historical evidence. The empty tomb, the grave clothes and the eyewitness accounts fit together to make a compelling case that Jesus has risen from the dead (John 20:1-31).

What else changes fearful disciples (Mark 14:50) into fearless preachers (Acts 4:10)? Concrete convictions are built on truth (1Cor 15:3-6). In the end, only Jesus’ resurrection explains the sudden growth and persistence of the Christian community.

If Jesus is alive, does it change anything today? The morning of Jesus’ rising is the day that everything changed. It means the world with all its problems is not chaos but a place of purpose within God’s reach and care. It means Jesus’ death has won forgiveness for his people and deathless life is his gift to them. Jesus’ rising changes everything. Resurrection brings real hope for the future. Will it change your future?


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